Bone-In Prime Rib Roast

Tender, Moist, and Flavorful

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Upper 2 Thirds High Choice Prime Rib Roast​

$ 23.99
per pound
  • Upper 2 Thirds High Choice or Higher, has more marbling than low Choice beef (Modest or Moderate marbling scores) that are sold in grocery stores. These cuts are very tender and juicy and are often found in nice restaurants, fancy grocery stores and butcher shops.

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  • Rib Roast Sizes: 2 Rib | 3 Rib | 4 Rib | 5 Rib | 6 Rib | 7 Rib
  • Debone & Tie Back On: Yes or No
  • Seasoning Options: Yes or No
  • Required In-Store Pickup Date: During Store Hours Only
  • Reserve Fee: $40 non-refundable deposit
  • Balance Payment: Will be made at in-store pickup.